Real estate requires local expertise, creativity and in-depth sectoral and regional knowledge. It requires an understanding of the neighbourhoods, the population and their behavioural economics.

We specialize in the central Bucharest area and live the market trends and movements on a day-to-day level. This allows us to analyse and evaluate investment opportunities at a completely different level from other investment companies in the market. Here are key locations where we purchase apartments:

Calea victoriei, Piata romana, piata universitatii ,Cișmigiu Gardens


The company offers apartments for sale in the most central locations in Bucharest. All the apartments offered are owned by the company. The purchase is made directly from us, we are not brokers.


The design department takes care of maximizing the existing potential in the apartment. The department’s area of responsibility includes: preparation of detailed plans, simulations, furniture orders and the overall design of the apartment.


Comprehensive renovation of including replacement of all infrastructure in the apartment, windows, doors, installation and replacement of heating systems. Replacing all bathrooms including ceramics. Furnishings and furniture of the apartment, custom carpentry, wardrobes and additional furniture that is required.


Locating a tenant and preparing a lease. Collection of rent and transfer to the apartment owners.


Ongoing management and 24/7 telephone answering for apartment tenants. Handling faults, repairs and maintenance of apartments. Monitoring of account payments, dealing with infrastructure companies, etc. In addition, we take care of tax payments that apply to investors, tax on rent, maintenance taxes and updating the name of the property owner in the authorities.